• Mixing & Mastering Bundle

Mixing & Mastering Bundle


The prices are based on the size of your project - the more channels there are, the more time will be spent on the mixing process (on average).

What counts as a channel?

Vanity will group together drum hits. For example, all of the kick drums will be sent to one group which will count as one channel. This applies to kick and snare drums as well as hi-hats and any cymbals. There will be some basic processing applied to each channel separately if needed, but the majority of the time will be spent on the group's bus.

Percussion sounds are counted as one channel per sound as these have to be processed individually. They will be grouped together for some gentle glue compression, but the surgical processing will be applied to each instrument separately.

Vanity works in Ableton. If your project is also in Ableton, you can send him the project file rather than bouncing out all of the stems. All processing effects must be removed from the channels (EQs, Compressors, Limiters, Reverbs and Delays). Any effects that are there for artistic purposes such as Auto Filters, Distortion Units, etc. can be kept in place.

Requirements (Stems):

  • 4dB of headroom on each track 
  • 44,100 kHz sample rate
  • 24-bit depth 
  • Stems exported from the start of the project 
  • Folder submitted as a.ZIP

Requirements (Ableton Project):

  • All channels coloured and named correctly
  • Processing devices have been removed (besides creative effects, see above)
  • Make sure all samples used in the project are included 
  • Project saved using Ableton’s “Collect All & Save” option (above requirement must also be meet as sometimes not everything is copied)
  • Folder Submitted as a.ZIP


Upon ordering please contact our team ( with any specifications, you have for your project. We will email you back with a secure Dropbox link to a folder where you can upload the project files to.