• Video Feedback (Song Critique)

Video Feedback (Song Critique)


Submit your track to get a direct video feedback response from Vanity. The length of the video will be around 30 minutes and will include but is not limited to these subjects:

  • Composition
  • Creativity
  • Song arrangement
  • Critique of the mix down
  • Mastering
  • Vanity’s personal thoughts on the record
  • Advice on what to change/improve

The video will be a screen recording of Ableton, similar to the format of the popular 'In The Style Of' YouTube series. Various combinations of effects will be added to your song to demonstrate different techniques and approaches you may want to try. 

*Please note, Ableton projects are preferred as there is more information that can be demonstrated, but audio files are also accepted if you are not an Ableton user. 

Requirements (Audio File)

  • .WAV/AIFF format
  • 44,100 kHz sample rate
  • 16/24 bit depth 
  • File submitted as a .ZIP 

Requirements (Ableton Project)

  • All channels coloured and named correctly
  • Make sure all samples used in the project are included 
  • Project saved using Ableton’s Collect All & Save” option (above requirement must also be meet as sometimes not everything is copied)
  • Folder Submitted as a .ZIP 


Upon ordering please contact our team ( with any specifications you have for your project. We will email you back with a secure Dropbox link to a folder where you can upload the project files to.