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Single Track Mixing

    Requirements for audio stems:

    A minimum of 6dB of headroom on each channel.

    Each stem exported at 44,100 kHz sample rate, 24-bit depth.

    Files bounced from the start of the project. 

    Folder compressed and submitted as a .ZIP file

    Requirements for Ableton/Cubase/Logic Projects:

    All channels coloured and named correctly.

    All audio files present and accounted for in the submitted folder. 

    Saved in Ableton as "collect all & save" option.

    Cubase and Logic projects saved as usual.

    Folder compressed and sent as a .ZIP file.


    Upon order completion, you will receive an email containing a private and secure link, for you to upload your project. 

    Please send any specifications, reference material, or information you feel is essential to me here. 

    Further Information: 

    I allow unlimited, free revisions.  

    It's more important to me that you're happy with your finished project. 


    Listen to a selection of my previous work. Four bars of unmixed/unmastered music is followed by 4 bars of mixed/mastered. 'Drippy Tippy' and 'Side A' start with mixed/mastered, the rest, begin with the unmixed/unmastered versions. I have gain matched them for a fairer comparison, although, there will always be a volume discrepancy.